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If you are you planning to visit Tasmania to research your family history and visit sites important to the history of your family, we can help you to make your visit worthwhile.
You can hire us to research your family’s Tasmanian history from scratch , or using information you have already acquired, we can organise and take you on a tailor-made tour of the places your ancestors lived, worked, married and died at.

In fact, in the words of the classics, you can walk in the footsteps of those who went before you, and along the way you will enjoy the beauty and the history of our little island.

You tell us how long the tour will be –a day, two days, a week –  it’s up to you. Your wish is our command. Before your visit, we will discuss with you your preferences, map out your tour with your preferences in mind, and run it by you to ensure you get what you want, at which point we will be in a position to provide you with a fixed price costing. Contact us as early as you can to ensure satisfaction.

We cater for  parties of  1 to 10.

We offer the following packages:


1) Tailored Day Tour.
Having chosen in advance the places you wish to visit, we will take you to as many of them as we possibly can in the time we have available. Maybe you’ll wish to visit the church where your ancestors were married or their children were baptised, maybe you’ll want to see the house in which they lived (or if the house is gone, the street, the block of land where it once stood), the cemetery where they’re buried. Where possible, we’ll arrange for a member of the local family history group to have a chat with you and to answer as many of your questions as he or she can. And all the while you’ll be seeing lovely Tasmania and enjoying a walk through history.

2) Tailored Tours- two days or longer. (We organise your accommodation and meals)
All of the above and more. We’ll follow your ancestors journey from town to town, we’ll visit their  haunts, we’ll steep ourselves in their lives. We’ll arrange for people with local knowledge to talk with you and answer your questions and if you want, we’ll detour now and then to show you places of breath-taking beauty and places of historic significance. It’s your tour, we might make some pretty smart suggestnions, but in the end it’s you who’ll decide where we go.

3) One Day Historic Town Tours one day  tours that include a trip to an historical Tasmanian town.


Optional Preliminary Family History Research


Cost of in-depth preliminary research (4 hours) $160 (in advance). This cost applies no matter how little or how much information we unearth in a 4 hour period. The preliminary search is available without the tour at the cost of $160 (in advance). You will receive copies of relevant official documents with the report, including a detailed research log.

In confirming your order, we will provide you with an invoice (by e mail) which will enable you to make payment by: cheque; bank draft; postal note or directly into our bank account. Payment must be made in Australian dollars.

Please be assured that in an effort to give you value for money, we will go to great lengths. Our research will be thorough, we will investigate every avenue available to us including Tasmanian Archive resources, online databases and web sites.







                                                                        Visiting the grave of Betty King.

                                          First white woman to set foot on Australian Soil.

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