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In 1825 it was decided that 3 veteran companies would be raised in Great Britain and would be sent to the Colonies to serve as superintendents and overseers. The veterans companies were stationed in New South Wales and Tasmania
Company No. 1  Sydney, NSW
Company No. 2 Newcastle, NSW
Company No. 3 Tasmania

“Orders have been issued at home for raising three veteran companies, by volunteers, from the out-pensioners belonging to Chelsea Hospital. To consider of three serjeants, three corporals, and fifty privates, to serve in Van Diemen’s Land and New South Wales. They are to act as superintendents and overseers over the prisoners, are to have the full pay of the cavalry, namely serjeants, 2s 2d; corporals, 1s 7 ½ d; and privates 1 s 2 d a day, with free rations. The married men will be allowed to take out their families.” Hobart Town Gazette 25 March 1826 p: 2 col: 4

Names of the 72+ New South Wales Royal Veterans who served time in Tasmania

Allen Joseph / Bennett Charles / Bilson Joseph / Boskill James / Brindley  James /  Burnip  James / Burns  William

Carson  Simon / Carter John / Cleary William / Collins Stephen / Compton James / Coonan Peter / Costello Joseph / Coulston Samuel / Cunningham Patrick / D'Arcy John / D'Arcy John  / Digney John / Donaldson Alexander

Egan William / Foster Thomas / Frazer John / Fullerton Alexander / Heyburn John / Hill William / Holliday William /  Homer Thomas / Horrill John / Howard Mathew / Hughes Thomas / Hunt William / Irvan John / Jarvis William / Johnston Samuel / Jordan James

Kelley James / Kenworthy John / Kerrigan James / Kirkwood John / Kirsons John / Layman George / Lee   Anthony / Lee   William / Leonard Thomas / Managan Patrick / McCafferty John / McKay William McPherson Lindsay / Meaney Stephen / Munday Edward / Nash John

Orchard John / Page William / Panton James / Poulton John / Quinn Thomas / Rowley James /
Shires Benjamin / Skerrar William / Smith John / Stewart Charles / Storer Daniel / Storey John /
Sullivan William

Thompson John / Tierney Edward / Toplis Benjamin / Travers Robert / Trotter James / Walker James Walsh Augustus / Waugh John / White Martin

Possibly served time in Tasmania
Hills (Wills)  John   / Wright  Thomas   / Burnett James

GenTree has compiled detailed (fully referenced and sourced) booklet on  the Royal Veterans who served time in Tasmania. Some were very vocal (or naughty) and have extensive information whilst others lived their lives quietly and faded into the country side so information is scarce.
The booklet also contains an in-depth article detailing their enlistment, service and disbandment. Note: These booklets are a guide only and are designed to allow researches to access resources on the soldiers so that they can write a comprehensive family history.

Cost: $5  - $20 per soldier (booklet)

Information included (where applicable and available) plus more:
* enlistment and disbandment                         * previous service
* Birth, death and marriage information            * Children
* Land grants                                                * Occupations (publican, constable details etc)
* Census information                                     * Ship
* Pension                                                     * Orphanage records
* Conduct                                                     * Physical description
New South Wales Royal Veterans In Tasmania
1825 onwards